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Anti Spam E-mail Control

Due to the huge number of unsolicited messages we are receiving, we have had to institute some measures to stop Spambots harvesting our e-mail addresses. Unfortunately this means that you have to do a little more work in order to send us an e-mail.

Start your mail browser, click on Compose then find the name you want to e-mail eg dogs2 and type that in the To: field then put @poundpuppy.org on the end so that it says dogs2@poundpuppy.org but do not e-mail this address because it does not work!

If you are one of those pests that collects e-mail addresses from websites and then sends them your newsletter, website design, website link building, medication lists, begging letters, lottery notification, Etc WE ARE NOT INTERESTED. All such unsolicited messages are treated as spam and deleted.

Page updated: 25th November 2009
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