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Largest Pet Rescue Operation in History

When Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana, more than 250,000 pets were left to fend for themselves. Some owners had left food and water for their pets expecting to return within a few days. Those travelling on goverment provided transport were not permitted to take their pets with them and had to leave them behind.

The owners were unable to return for their pets and the food ran out. Dogs and cats were forced to survive without their owners. Animal rescuers, shelters and Humane Societies from all over the USA and Canada sent volunteers to the flooded area to rescue as many animals as they could. They searched flooded towns house by house looking for pets that had been locked in. Thousands of lucky pets were rescued and transported to rehoming centers in the USA and Canada. Some of the dogs and cats were reunited with their owners months later, others found a new home. Some people are still looking for their pets.

Katrina Dogs See the Story of Bubbles locked in a house with no food or water for seven weeks OperationSaveAPetKatrina.Com

Katrina Dogs Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans video of photo's of rescued pets

Katrina Dogs Animal Rescue Following Hurricane Katrina Volunteers from the Humane Society of Rochester and Monroe County

Katrina Dogs My Katrina Rescue Trips Photo's taken by a pet rescuer

Katrina Dogs Save the Shelter Pets - Adopt a homeless dog or cat

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" - Mahatma Gandhi

We Want You To Adopt A Shelter Pet
North Shore Animal League America

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Page updated: 18th September 2014
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